Best Casino Bonuses – October 2018

With so many casinos, it's becoming more and more difficult to select which casino to play at. Let's face it, you probably just want to know which are the best casino bonuses because you're not going to be able to work that yourself unless you had months to spare!

We at Monster Casino Bonus will present you with the best casino bonus from each casino we review. Not only looking at the largest bonuses but also the most attainable. We want you to maximise what you get for the least amount possible, because we're nice like that!

Many casino bonuses are created with the sole purpose of attracting new players and therefore a race to the top has been created within the industry. Casinos are now offering huge welcome bonuses as well as free spins in a bid to win you over to their casino. If you're already familiar with our best casino bonuses list, why not try what's new out there in our Latest Casino Bonuses list.


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£5000 + 50 FREE Spins


£3000 + 50 FREE Spins


€5,000 Welcome


£1500 + 100 FREE Spins


£5,000 + 50 Bonus Spins


£200 + 50 Bonus Spins

In order to determine which casinos have the best casino bonuses on offer we need to look at a combination of factors. Now, if you simply want the biggest bonus out there then go for it! Stop reading this and get to playing!  We are not against that, but we would rather you go with our suggested top recommendations because they have other factors which make them the best overall.

If you have a bit more time on your hands then read on. First of all, you need to understand that there are up to 10 bonus related terms. That's why we've created a Casino Bonus Guide however, you certainly don't need to know all 10 you definitely do need to know the 3 most important. These are summarised below, but you can

Welcome Bonus Summary

Otherwise known as a sign up bonus, a Welcome Bonus is for new players who get the chance to play with a lot more money than they deposited to increase the chance of winning.

Whether you believe in luck or not, you should agree with us that you will increase your chance of winning by having a bigger starting stake.  We know that casinos are willing to offer large, even monster bonuses to win you over as a customer so it would seem daft not to take advantage.

Here's an example. If a casino offers a £100 Welcome Bonus, they will give you £100 free on top of what you initially deposited. So if you deposit £20 just to start slow, you’ll have a total of £120 to play with. But, hang on a minute is it that simple, no it’s actually not, cause there’s a thing called Match Bonus.

Match Bonus Summary

A Match Bonus is used in conjunction with the Welcome Bonus. It determines how much you get for each deposit you make. So using the same example, if a casino is offering a 300% match bonus, that means you will receive 3 times the amount you deposited for free.

So, using the same example, if you deposited £20, the casino would give you £60, making your total bankroll £80 which is nice.

But why did they say you get £100 Welcome Bonus you ask? Well they have given you £60 by matching your first deposit of £20, so that means they casino is still willing to give you a further £40. To take full advantage of the offer you would need to deposit a further £10, they would once again give you the 300% Match Bonus which would give you that £40 for free. But that’s it, you’ve now received a total of £100 free from the casino, they have honoured the £100 Welcome Bonus that you signed up for.

Free Spins Summary

Finally to get you started a casino will offer you Free Spins on a particular slot machine, normally determined by the casino, so it won’t be your choice, but it’s free so you can’t be that fussy! They are normally popular ones like Starburst.

It’s probably quite obvious why you would be offered Free Spins, casinos like you to have some free fun before you decide you want to place a wager and risk your own money. It gives you a chance to experience navigating around the casino you have chosen, determine if you like the software, the game play and that the signup process has gone well and you’re happy. The try before you buy works well is almost every industry.

In Conclusion

So, now that we know the 3 key contributing factors to casino bonuses, here is how we have ranked them.

We have placed the most weight on the size of the welcome bonus, then on the percentage of the match bonus and finally how many free spins you get. We see the other types of bonuses as negligible, as a result we have not factored those into the list of best casino bonuses but we certainly feel they have their place.