Our FAQs page aims to answer everything you need to know about Monster Casino Bonus and the products we offer.

Are you a casino?

No, Monster Casino Bonus is an introducer for different casino games and casino bonuses in the UK.

Are you a registered company?

Yes, Monster Casino Bonus is a trading name of Cool Products Limited.

How do you choose your casinos?

We vet every casino that we feature on the website to ensure that they have a gambling license and can pay out winnings accordingly. We have worked with most of our partners for several years and are very committed to gambling responsibly.

Can I feature my casino on your website?

Yes, to be featured on Monster Casino Bonus, please contact us directly.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus aims to offer an added incentive to customers using casino games. Whilst you will typically deposit your money and starting playing, a casino bonus will offer additional rewards including welcome bonus, matched bonus and free spins bonus.

Is it possible to get a bonus without a deposit?

Yes, we offer a free no deposit bonus which allows you to play slots and other games without paying any money upfront. You will be required to register an account with the participating casino and as per the wagering limits, use the full bonus or spins before being able to make a withdrawal.

What are free spins?

When you will typically deposit money for online slots, you will receive a certain number of spins based on the stake e.g 20 spins for £10.

Free spins will not cost you anything and give you a certain number of spins which you can use and win money with e.g 10 free spins, 20 free spins etc. Free spins are regularly included in a bonus for a new customer or as an add-on to any other casino bonus.

Are casino bonuses just for new customers?

Whilst casino bonuses are typically used by online casinos to attract new customers, they can also be used to retain existing customers. Many online casinos offer their players a reload bonus which includes a bonus or free spins to customers who have not played in a long time. Typically registered players will be emailed with such bonuses or alternatively you can approach them directly through their support team for another casino bonus. 

How often can I receive a bonus?

This depends on the bonus. Some offers like a welcome bonus or no deposit bonus are reserved for when you sign up. However, you need to read the terms of the promotion, since some match bonuses can continue to match what you deposit on subsequent bets and you can also continue to receive free spins.

What is a matched bonus?

This is where the casino will match any amount that you have deposited. Variations are available, allowing you the casino to match your amount by 100% or 200%. For repeat customers, this can continue for future deposits but will likely decrease to 50% and less. 

Can I withdraw a casino bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw your winnings from a casino bonus once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements. This could mean betting the full amount from the bonus or using up the all the spins provided before you can withdraw.

Unfortunately, it is not common to win on your first spin and be able to withdraw immediately. The wagering requirements will need to be finalised.

Do I need to read the terms and conditions for every bonus?

Yes, and this is something that Monster Casino Bonus recommends very much so. Every casino has a different bonus and terms for their promotion. It is important to read and check these before proceeding. This might include a minimum or maximum deposit, wagering requirements and rules for withdrawing. The better you can understand the terms and conditions of your bonus, the better chance you have of succeeding and withdrawing your winnings.